Wheelchair Ramp Slope for ADA Compliance Ramp Slope

Ramp Length Recommendations for your inch rise:

For the inch rise you entered, you would need a foot long ramp to meet ADA Ramp Slope standard. If you do not need to be ADA compliant, the shortest suitable ramp for your inch rise would be 0 feet long. The ramps are available in any one foot increment, so you may choose a length that is suitable for your use.

We normally quote ramps that meet the ADA wheelchair ramp slope recommendation of 4.8 degrees of incline. You do not normally need to meet this handicap ramp slope for residential use (although we do recommend it). In general, you do not want to go shorter than half of what ADA recommends (9.6 degrees of incline). Consult your user manual of your chair/scooter to confirm the maximum wheelchair ramp slope it is rated for and always stay compliant with those requirements.

General Usage Guidelines:

  • Manual wheelchair with the person rolling themselves, you should stay closer to ADA Slope recommendation
  • Manual wheelchair with the patient being assisted, you may go as short as half of ADA Wheelchair Ramp Slope. Keep in mind the weight of the patient and the strength of the person assisting. The shorter the ramp, the more difficult it will be to push the wheelchair.
  • Electric Scooter or Wheelchairs should always stay within their manufacture’s handicap slope restriction. Please consult your owner’s manual or the equipment’s manufacturer for this information.

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